Payment Systems

Payment Systems

Leverage iPiD Orchestration Solution to Deliver a Future-proof Infrastructure for Account Validation

We believe centralised intelligence and decentralised data is the practice solution design. It shields banks from unnecessary complexity, while keeping data secure, and allowing for rich intelligence services to be integrated centrally and improved over time as the fraudsters evolve.

Hubs and spoke model where hubs consist of microservices and value-added services 


Why Work with iPiD

Simplicity and Security

Our technology provides clients with the simplicity of a single API, all while ensuring the highest level of compliance with data security and localization requirements. By integrating with your existing systems, iPiD enhances your operations without the need for a significant overhaul.

No-data Storage Policy

At iPiD, we take data security seriously. Our no-data storage policy means we do not store any data. You can be assured of complete confidentiality and privacy when using our solutions.

Decentralized Model

We use a decentralized model where no data is visible or transformed in iPiD\'s central routing engine. This enhances security and promotes trust, proving our commitment to protecting the integrity of every transaction.

Payment Rail Agnostic

iPiD is independent from the payment rails used to execute transactions. You can consume our APIs as pre-transaction data services, while keeping full autonomy and flexibility in the way that you move funds across the globe.

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