PSPs in eurozone must be ready as a Requestor and Responder of Verification of Payee requests for all credit transfers in euro by Oct 9, 2025. The obligations will extend to non-euro countries and non-euro credit transfers in the future.

Securely expose and manage an API endpoint reachable by all other European PSPs

Comply with VoP name matching rules and EPC's technical standards

Reach all other European PSPs and expose match/close match/no match to payers within the 3 second's rule


Countdown to Compliance

All Euro-denominated payments

iPiD provides an all-in-one solution to Comply with the EU Regulation, and more!
Our solutions offer a unique blend of technical excellence and regulatory insight, making compliance a seamless part of your business operations, without compromising on security or user experience.
Single module with flexible hosting options
Reusability in other Regulatory environments (e.g. UK)
Single API to reach all other PSPs in Europe and over 6,000 banks outside of Europe
Payee data management capability and tailored matching algorithm for VoP (EU)
Secure endpoint to comply with EU & EPC obligations
Bulk file validation

With iPiD, we help your organisation make sense of the regulation, comply with it and realise commercial benefits through reducing fraud, eliminating failed payments, and improving the end-user payment experience on a global scale.

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