Introducing Fetch by iPiD

Experience the ease of modern payments with Fetch, our innovative proxy addressing service designed to streamline your cross-border transactions.

What is Fetch?

Fetch is a powerful API solution that allows users to make international payments as effortlessly as sending a text message. No need for complex banking details, Fetch connects to local proxy addressing services that lets customers send payments to bank accounts using just a phone number or other alias. Our solution retrieves the name and account details mapped to the alias, ensuring the transaction is correct every time.



payee's banking information, using just a phone number of other alias



that your payments reach the right hands each time



operational efficiency and minimize erroneous transactions

Pay like a local

With Fetch, your customers can pay cross-border as easily as domestically. Fetch delivers a seamless payment experience anywhere in the world, facilitating a truly borderless economy.

Why Choose Fetch?

Ease of Use

Fetch replaces complex banking details with simple aliases, making the payment process intuitive and effortless for users.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our API retrieves the correct account details for every transaction, eliminating the possibility of errors and enhancing the user experience.

Global Usability

The ability to integrate with local proxy addressing solutions across the world makes Fetch single API an indispensable tool for global transactions.

Data Security and Compliance

Like all iPiD solutions, Fetch prioritizes data security and compliance. Our no-data storage policy and decentralized model guarantee the privacy and security of your transactions.

Integrate Fetch Today

Embrace the future of easy, seamless payments with Fetch by iPiD. Contact us today to learn more about integrating Fetch into your existing payment system and start experiencing a truly user-focused payment journey.

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