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Spain, 6 July 2023 :
iPiD is thrilled to announce that they have been recognised as the 2023 Fintech Zone winner at the EBAday in Madrid, Spain. 

EBAday, organised by Finextra, has become a prominent platform for early-stage fintechs to showcase their ground-breaking solutions. This year, we were part of an elite cohort, with over 70 applications received from 17 countries, which were narrowed down to just 16 promising fintechs from 11 countries. With esteemed panel of judges comprising of eminent industry leaders such as Kevin Brown from the Bank of England, Michael Knetsch of Deutsche Bank, and Mark Wilson from Otoma. 

Our solution addresses an immediate need in the fintech landscape – to validate payee accounts and handle data to identify and manage fraud and failed payments. Our vision has always been to create a secure and seamless cross-border payment ecosystem, and this recognition confirms that we are on the right path. Formed in late 2021, we have leveraged a deep industry knowledge and advanced technology to create a solution that the market needs, as aptly stated by our founding partner and Chief Commercial Officer, Alain Raes. As we celebrate this achievement, we are also excited to share our latest white paper on "How Europe can make the most out of the Ibanname check requirement included in the update to the Instant Payment Regulation".  
Read white paper here.

The white paper explores the recent update to the Instant Payment Regulation and offers in-depth insights into the significant role of the Ibanname check requirement in fostering a more secure and effective payment landscape in Europe. It also provides valuable recommendations on how European businesses can capitalise on this development to enhance their payment processes and customer experiences.

In the wake of the rise of digital payments and the increasing necessity of secure transactions, the Ibanname check requirement serves as a game-changer. The white paper is intended to guide businesses on effectively integrating and leveraging this requirement in their processes.

As the EBA director, Daniel Szmukler, put it, there is a clear need for collaboration between banks and fintechs to create a 'win-win' model. By combining the unique and complementary strengths of both, we can improve and deliver new services to customers, keeping pace with the innovation they seek.