Singapore, July 2023 : In a ground-breaking move set to empower cross-border payments, iPiD has entered into a strategic partnership with Finsight Global Consulting Limited. The collaboration between Finsight and iPiD holds great promise for the financial industry. By leveraging Finsight's financial analysis and technology expertise and iPiD's validation solution, they aim to create innovative payment solutions and optimize financial operations for their clients.

Finsight Global Consulting Limited, known for its niche expertise in Treasury, Transaction banking, Global Markets & Foreign Exchange, Payments, Cash Management, and Digital transformation, has joined hands with iPiD to drive empowerment in the cross-border payments landscape. With a deep commitment to client-centricity and a passion for staying ahead of the curve, Finsight's strategic partnership with iPiD aligns perfectly with its vision for growth and building market-leading solutions.

The joint effort will also contribute to reducing payment fraud and failed transactions through iPiD's cutting-edge flagship Validate solution, which validates bank account details before payments are made, adding an extra layer of security and reliability to cross-border transactions.

"We are excited to partner with iPiD to offer our clients access to their industry-leading addressing data platform," said Rajat Mehta and Vivek Deshpande, Co-CEOs of Finsight Global. "This collaboration allows us to strengthen our capabilities and deliver even greater value to our clients by enhancing the efficiency and security of their cross-border payment processes.

IPID CEO Damien Dugauquier added, "We're excited to partner with Finsight Global, a company with deep expertise in financial services and a strong commitment to delivering innovative solutions to clients. Together, we can leverage our respective strengths to help clients address the complex challenges they face in today's digital economy."

About Finsight Global Consulting Limited

Finsight Global Consulting Limited is a niche consulting firm specializing in Treasury, Transaction banking, Global Markets & Foreign Exchange, Payments, Cash Management, Working Capital solutions, and Digital transformation. Its expertise lies in providing strategic and operational advisory across Strategy, Product, Sales, Marketing, Research, Data Analytics, and Customer Servicing to clients across Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates, and Regulators. Finsight has also entered into strategic partnerships with market leading firms to provide its clients with cutting edge solutions and products in specialized areas including Payment and Merchant advisory, Cross-border payment solutions, Enterprise Workflow solutions, development of Metaverse strategy & presence, Blockchain infrastructure for financial services, and Digital transformation technology platforms. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Finsight is founded by two seasoned bankers passionate about client centricity, helping clients grow, innovate, and build a competitive edge through building market-leading solutions and services – something which is exemplified by their tagline of ‘Delivering insights. Staying ahead of the curve.’ Having worked extensively across Asia in one of the largest global banks for decades, Vivek and Rajat possess deep experience and expertise of Asia Pacific markets, managing multi-billion dollar businesses and serving clients from all over the globe.
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About iPiD

iPiD is a fast-growing, venture-backed fintech start-up that was founded in late 2021 by a global team who have held senior roles at major payments and technology companies, including SWIFT and Thomson Reuters. In addition to our HQ in Singapore, our global team has representatives in India, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, and Vietnam. iPiD’s vision is to make cross-border payments easy, secure, and seamless. We achieve this by partnering with financial services providers (banks, payment systems, payment fintechs, wallets…) to deliver an addressing data platform that helps the payment industry to provide a more efficient and user-friendly payment journey. iPiD is built for all – we do not replace banks, payment fintechs, wallets or remittance companies; nor do we replace existing payment rails. Our Advisory Board includes senior figures from across the industry: Christian Sarafidis, Microsoft Chief Business Development Officer WWFSI; Kosta Peric, Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; and Nick Lewins, former banking Chief Technology Officer and now an advisor in data and AI, cloud technology and digital transformation.
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