Singapore, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Seattle, Mumbai and London, 25 May 2022: Payment industry technology company iPiD is delighted to announce that Claudio Ceresani has joined the company as an advisor. Claudio brings 25 years of experience in industries from telecoms to payments across EMEA and Asia-Pacific. He is a strategic advisor on real-time payments, high-value and retail payments processing, central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and clearing and settlement.

He has particular experience with helping market infrastructures to accomplish complex transformation initiatives. To date, Claudio has worked with more than 50 central banks and market infrastructures giving business and technical advice, and has been personally involved in shaping the transformation of more than 20 central bank’s payment system strategies.

Now based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Claudio is CEO of DGT Solutions. With a particular focus on wholesale payments, fast payments and CBDC, he has supported national payment system reforms in the UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, four Nordic Countries, Canada, New Zealand, six western Balkan Economies, Maldives, Egypt, Lesotho and Palestine.

Claudio began his career at SIA (now called Nexi), one of the largest European card and payment processing companies, where he quickly became an expert in information security, innovative services, and technologies related to payment systems, financial markets, and the public sector. Subsequent roles took him to South Africa and his CEO role at SIA subsidiary, Perago. 

“Working so closely with central and international market infrastructures, I know the challenges involved in bringing change to an entire ecosystem,” says Claudio.  “That is why iPiD is so important. It can play a key role in replicating the ease of domestic payments in the cross-border payments space.”

Damien Dugauquier, co-founder of iPiD, says Claudio’s long experience with market infrastructures will be invaluable. “The market is ready for change and Claudio’s unique expertise with instant payment systems and their associated proxy addressing services will be instrumental in helping us to deliver that.”

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About iPiD
iPiD is a fast-growing, venture-backed fintech start-up that is founded by a global team who have held senior roles at major payments and technology companies, including SWIFT and Thomson Reuters. Together, we share a vision to simplify cross-border payments to be as easy as a text message.
We achieve this by partnering with financial services providers (e.g. banks, payment fintech, wallets, remittance companies) to deliver a suite of proxy look-up, request-to-pay and payment-to-wallet services. It is a first-of-its-kind service that makes cross-border payments easy by needing only a simple proxy for the payee’s identity. We act as a data orchestrator and enable global payments based on a phone number, email address, QR code, Corporate Registration Number and other aliases.
iPiD is built for all – we do not replace banks, payment fintechs, wallets or remittance companies; nor do we replace existing payment rails. We provide an addressing and messaging service that all can leverage to offer a better user experience.
Our global team has representatives in Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Johannesburg, Seattle and London.