Introducing Validate by iPiD

Validate is an advanced API solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing payment systems. With Validate, you can ensure payments reach the intended recipients every time. It does this by confirming payee names and bank account details in real time, offering an essential tool in the battle against fraud and failed payments.

With Validate, you can:



your payee's identity accurately, irrespective of their location within our coverage



that your payments reach the right hands each time



operational efficiency and minimize erroneous transactions

Why Choose Validate?

Combat Fraud

Fraud is a growing concern in the payments industry, especially authorized push payment (APP) fraud. Validate is designed to combat this problem, providing you and your customers with increased security and peace of mind.

Improve Customer Experience

By ensuring payments reach the correct person or company every time, Validate significantly enhances the customer experience. No more failed transactions mean no more unnecessary customer service interactions - just smooth and successful payments.

Build Customer Trust

Cross-border transactions can often evoke unease among both retail customers and businesses. By utilizing Validate single API, you can effortlessly present real-time validation to your customers, instilling in them a sense of trust that their payment will securely and promptly reach the intended recipient. This way, you build a strong foundation of trust and reliability in your payment processes.

Increase Efficiency

Validate not only mitigates risks but also increases operational efficiency. By reducing the number of failed payments, Validate saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Customize to your preferences

Validate returns rich and granular information on name match percentages and other payment risk context indicators. It provides you with the flexibility of making your own decisions based on your preferences.

Data Security and Compliance

As with all iPiD solutions, Validate is designed with the highest level of compliance with data security and localization requirements. Our no-data storage policy and decentralized model guarantee the privacy and security of your transactions.

Integrate Validate Today

Improve the security and success of your global transactions with Validate by iPiD. Contact us today to learn more about integrating Validate into your existing payment system and start experiencing a more efficient, user-focused payment journey.

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