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The iPiD Platform: transforming cross-border payments

The iPiD solution is a suite of proxy addressing, request-to-pay and payment-to-wallet services for banks, fintech, wallets and other payment services providers. It is a first-of-its-kind service that makes cross-border payments easy by needing only a simple proxy for the payee’s identity. 

The iPiD Platform - proxy addressing

Our platform is unique because it replicates the experience of closed loop, domestic payment systems into the cross-border environment. iPiD requires only one piece of information that most people know, such as a phone number or email address, to execute a cross-border payment. iPiD uses this information to retrieve the other data that is required, including an account number and bank name, without the payee needing to provide financial details they may not be familiar with. In this way, iPiD removes friction from the payment experience by bridging the ‘data gap’ between multiple reference databases and payment systems.

Because it is platform-agnostic and based on API technology, iPiD reuses existing payment rails, can be integrated into any bank and fintech solution, and leverages existing regulatory compliance processes. This means financial services providers anywhere around the world will be able to offer their customers a more intuitive and secure cross-border payments experience at the same time as improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

iPiD orchestrates APIs without storing confidential or personal data, and so maintains data sovereignty and reuses local open banking APIs.

Interact seamlessly with the platform using a single API for outgoing and incoming payment information.

Verified account information comes directly from the account servicing institution.

Retain the full ownership and control of the data.

Rely on iPiD Pathfinder to direct the API calls to where the data is located.

iPiD does not store, nor see the data exchanged through the platform.

Discover the different ways you can make payments as easy as text messages for your customers

Proxy addressing

Enable your customers to exchange cross-border payments to bank accounts based on a phone number or another alias. The iPiD API retrieves name and account details mapped to the alias provided by your customers. 


Enable your customers to send and receive payment requests, anywhere in the world based on an alias. Payers execute the payment with the provider of their choice and iPiD helps payees to get notified when the payment is executed.


Enable your customers to send cross-border payments to wallets. 

The iPiD API allows you to integrate with wallets globally through one single standardized API.


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