About Us

iPiD is a fast-growing, venture-backed fintech start-up with a vision to simplify, secure, and streamline global payments. Our story began in 2021 when our founders, who have held senior roles at major payments and technology companies, recognized a gap in the market for easy, secure, and seamless international transactions. We are a global team with representatives in Singapore, India, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, and Vietnam, bringing together diverse perspectives to drive innovation in the fintech industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate trust in the global financial ecosystem, and we achieve this by partnering with financial services providers such as banks, payment systems, payment fintechs, and wallets. We offer two core solutions, Validate and Fetch, both of which are designed to provide an enhanced payment journey that reduces cost, mitigates fraud, and improves the overall customer experience.


As a technology company, our philosophy is to provide clients with the simplicity of a single API solution while ensuring the highest level of compliance with data security and data localization requirements. We employ robust measures like bilateral encryption between clients and partners, have a no-data storage policy, and adhere to a decentralized model where no data is visible or transformed in iPiD's central routing engine.

iPiD is built for all

We do not aim to replace banks, payment fintechs, wallets, or remittance companies; nor do we replace existing payment rails. Instead, we complement and enhance their services, bringing a new level of ease, security, and seamlessness to cross-border payments. Welcome to a world where payments are simple, secure, and seamless. Welcome to iPiD.

Meet Our Leadership Team

At iPiD, our success is driven by a distinguished leadership team with a deep understanding of the payments industry and a passion for innovation. Get to know the key individuals spearheading our mission:

Co-founder and CEO

Damien Dugauquier, based in Singapore, is the Co-founder and CEO of iPiD. With a wealth of payments knowledge and experience, Damien previously served as the Head of Data and Analytics at SWIFT. His extensive background includes collaborating with financial institutions and corporates across Asia and Europe. Damien's visionary leadership drives iPiD's mission to transform the global payments landscape.

Co-founder, COO, and CFO

Geertjan van Bochove, based in the Netherlands, is the Co-founder, COO, and CFO of iPiD. As a serial entrepreneur, Geertjan has accumulated significant experience in the payment industry, working closely with European banks and European payment systems. His strategic acumen and operational expertise play a vital role in driving iPiD's growth and operational excellence. Co-founder and CEO

Founding Partner and CCO

Alain Raes, based in Belgium, is a founding partner and CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at iPiD. With a remarkable 15-year tenure in the executive committee of SWIFT, Alain is renowned for formulating effective business growth strategies. He has worked extensively with banks and market infrastructures worldwide, playing a pivotal role in the inception of instant payments and overlay systems across the globe.

Head of Technology

Ivan Chong brings a wealth of technical expertise to iPiD, with his prior role as the Engineering Head at Boost Digital Wallet. His experience in leading engineering teams and driving innovation aligns perfectly with iPiD's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.