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payment bij proxy

Outgoing payments

Banks, payment fintechs,  money transfer operators

Superior payment experience

Superior digital experience

Payment beneficiaries identified in one-click

Grow payment volumes

Grow revenue

Attract more customers and payment volumes

Reduce operational costs

Reduce costs

No more repairs and returns due to data errors

Incoming payments

ipid platform

Grow volumes and deposits

Become the institution to receive proxy payments from anywhere

request money

Request money

Allow your customers to request a payment and track the execution

iPiD | international payments identity

Save costs

No more repairs and returns due to data errors​

Banks, payment fintechs,  wallets

Closed-loop proxy addressing service

Banks, payment systems

plug and play

Plug and play

Ready-made solution deployed in your environment

request to pay


Interoperable by design with other actors in the iPiD ecosystem

Discover the different ways you can make payments as easy as text messages for your customers

Proxy addressing

Enable your customers to do cross-border payments to bank accounts based on a phone number or another alias. The iPiD API retrieves name and account details mapped to the alias provided by your customers. 


Enable your customers to send and receive payment requests, anywhere in the world based on an alias. Payers execute the payment with the provider of their choice and iPiD helps payees to get notified when the payment is executed.


Enable your customers to send cross-border payments to wallets. The iPiD API allows you to integrate with wallets globally through one single standardized APIl, without intermediating the settlement flows through iPiD.