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payment bij proxy

Proxy addressing

Mapping proxies with bank account details

The iPiD proxy addressing service enables your customers to send cross-border payments to bank accounts based on a phone number or another alias. iPiD API retrieves the name and account details mapped to the alias provided by your customers. 

Banks, payment fintechs, money transfer operators and wallets interact with iPiD through the iPiD node that is hosted in their environment. Financial institutions interact with the node via internal APIs. In turn, the node takes care of the translation, encryption and data enrichment. Beneficiary institutions can also use the node as their local addressing database, if required.  

iPiD does not access the account data, we do not own the data, we do not harvest the data. We orchestrate information flows, globally, between institutions sending payments and institutions receiving payments.

How it works

The iPiD Platform - proxy addressing