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payment bij proxy


The iPiD pay-to-wallet service enables your customers to send cross-border payments to wallets. The iPiD API allows you to integrate with wallets globally through one single standardized API.

iPiD does not compete with existing payment providers. We do not process the payment settlement. We provide a standardized API for banks, payment fintechs, payment aggregators, and money transfer operators to send remittances to wallets globally.

iPiD acts as a messaging platform for payments to wallets. We are agnostic to the settlement models which can be line-by-line, pre-funded or post-funded. 

iPiD does not access the payment data, we do not own the data, we do not harvest the data. We orchestrate information flows, globally, between institutions sending payments and institutions receiving payments.

payment to wallets through iPiD API

How it works

iPiD | international payments identity

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