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payment bij proxy

Making global payments as easy as text messages

At iPiD, we believe it should be possible to pay and be paid anywhere in the world based on a phone number or another alias.

Our service makes payments simple, secure and seamless for your customers by mapping the payee’s preferred alias, such as a phone number, email, social media ID or QR code, to their preferred bank account or wallet.

Making global payments as easy as text messages

Using a single API, iPiD enables payments anywhere in the world based on an alias

Using a single API, iPiD delivers the beneficiary information needed in any payment application to create your clients’ payment instructions. Your customers will no longer need to know or remember information such as BIC codes, IBANs, account numbers or routing numbers.          

iPiD runs on existing payment rails, is independent from any financial institution, is decentralized and global in reach.  All while maintaining your existing compliance and regulatory checks. Your data is kept secure and stays within your organisation.

With the iPiD solution deployed, your customers will be able to make payments or receive funds anywhere in the world as simply as sending a text.

pay anywhere based on a phone number
What is an alias?

What is an alias? And why would we use an alias for payments?

In a growing number of countries, it is possible to pay people locally based on their phone number, email address or another unique identifier. This information is called an alias or a proxy. Using an alias makes the payment experience safer and more intuitive for your customers because they don’t have to remember complicated bank and account details or BIC codes and IBANs.

Find out how we can help banks and payment service providers around the world deliver the same easy and simple payments experience their customers enjoy for local payments in the cross-border world.

The iPiD way

The iPiD solution is a suite of proxy look-up, request-to-pay and payment-to-wallet services for banks, fintech, wallets and other payment services providers. It is a first-of-its-kind service that makes cross-border payments easy by needing only a simple proxy for the payee’s identity.  


Interoperable by nature. Our API-based system has a light footprint and is easily integrated into any bank and fintech environment.


iPiD applies the most stringent technical and logical security principles. Leveraging state-of-the-art encryption through its distributed architecture.


system works on existing payment rails, reusing infrastructure and compliance processes.


iPiD orchestrates APIs without storing confidential or personal data, therefore maintaining data sovereignty and reusing local open banking APIs where available.


iPiD operates on a global basis for payments to bank accounts and wallets, originating from banks and non-banks.

Why iPiD?

Superior payment experience

Superior payment experience

One single API to allow your customers to pay anywhere in the world based on an alias.

Grow payment volumes

Grow payment volumes

Join the iPiD addressing ecosystem and enable your customers to be paid securely and conveniently.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Avoid failed payments thanks to the most reliable payment routing information based on beneficiary aliases.

Let’s work together on your payment success.